Production Lead Times - Best Endeavours





Upon receiving a quotation request, we will endeavour to have any quotation back to you within the same working day. Where there are specialised finishing elements required, or multiple elements within the one quotation, this could extend the quotation time. However, we will strive to have any quotation returned within a 24-hour period.


If the quotation is accepted, we will then prepare for the arrival of the artwork. A guide turnaround time will be provided at this point, as a confirmed turnaround time can only be given once a proof has been approved for print. 

2 – 24 Hours


Once artwork has been received, it will be put through our prepress management system. This will check for any anomalies within the artwork, such as low-resolution images, RGB images, missing fonts etc. If any anomalies are found, we will report these back to you. If the artwork passes without any issue, a proof will be prepared. A soft PDF proof will be sent, either via email or file transfer, depending on the file size.

4 – 24 Hours

Approval Of Artwork

We would advise to proof and approve artwork, as quickly as possible, once the proof has been received, as we can only confirm the turnaround time for production, on final approval of the proof(s) provided. Approval by return email will be required with all soft PDF proof. Once the artwork has been approved, it will be prepared for production.

The time taken to approve artwork will be at the discretion of Henderson Print.

Printing & Finishing

The approved artwork will be placed into production and printed and finished to the specification given within the quotation. Quality control is carried out throughout the printing process. Finishing is carried out on-site and it then packed and prepared for dispatch.

Once a proof has been approved, a turnaround time will be agreed.

Dispatch & Delivery

All print items are shrink-wrapped and boxed, unless oversized, in which case they will only be shrink-wrapped. All large format items are bubble-wrapped with hard edges applied, if deemed necessary. Each box/package is labelled, with the label identifying the box/package number if multiple boxes are required, the job title, job number and quantity. If an order has multiple boxes/packages, these are palletised. The pallet has protective corners added and the pallet is pallet-wrapped. Delivery will be carried out via our van, where possible. If the order cannot be delivered by our van, it will be delivered via one of our couriers, who will provide a tracking number and proof of delivery, if requested

A next day delivery service is available within N.I.

For deliveries to the UK mainland, 2-3 working days should be allowed. If the shipment is larger, an extra 1-2 days may be requested.